Apply, Review, Manage, Repeat

Our grant management systems simplify the grants process from initial solicitation through review, assessment, awards, and post-award reporting.

How Does It Work?

Most grants management products require the grant maker to adapt to the software, rather than allowing the software to work for you. Our grants platform is flexible enough to allow both administrators and applicants to simplify their workflow and minimize errors.

While every grant-making organization is different, their process often consists of the following:

  1. User Registration Self-registration and automated verification (for Canadian and U.S. charities)
  2. Eligibility and/or Letter of Intent Approval can be automated or manual. Considerations include organization type, location, whether previous years' reports have been submitted, etc.
  3. Application Capture any and all required information on the organization and proposed project. Includes a detailed budget and work plan. Data validation and checks can be placed to ensure all questions have been answered according to requirements.
  4. Staff Review Assign your staff to review any aspect of the eligibility or application process
  5. Assessments Assign assessors to review applications along criteria that you define. Assign ratings and weightings to each criteria. Scores are calculated automatically, and summarized in intuitive dashboards
  6. Awards View the compiled information from assessors and record final decisions for each applicant.
  7. Project Reporting View grantees progress reports and final reports. See a side-by-side comparison of stated goals vs. actual accomplishments.
  8. Fund Reporting All data can be compiled and cross-cut to fit your needs, e.g., by project, amount, topic, location, organization, etc.