KidLinks a Texas-based non-profit organization committed to linking kids to healing, hope and happiness through music and media. The organization offers in-person Music Therapy as well as Therapeutic Music Entertainment in the form of a digital music platform for kids, parents and educators.

We worked alongside KidLinks to revamp their digital presence with coherent branding and design patterns, and, of course, a new website.

About The Project

KidLinks was seeking ways to maximize the overall impact of their activities, in particular the distribution of their original music, animations and sing-a-long videos.

In addition, KidLinks wished to become the go-to place for Music Therapists to find relevant information and resources.

Finally, KidLinks had recently merged with Hugworks Children's Network. The new platform had to consolidate both the KidLinks and Hugworks websites into one, as well as incorporate elements from both brand identities.

What We Delivered

  1. Branding Color scheme, fonts
  2. Design Custom icons, illustrations and characters
  3. Front end development Mobile-friendly and intuitive user interface
  4. Back end development User-friendly Content Management System and automation of various tasks
  5. Screenshot of the KidLinks home page

    KidLinks' new home page

    Illustration of a musical band of animals

    Our designer had a ton of fun providing artwork and illustrations that would appeal to kids and adults alike!

    A screenshot of one of KidLinks' animated videos.


    KidLinks' animated videos are now available on the website and on KidLinks' new YouTube Kids channel.

    A section of a print brochure designed for distribution in select children's hospitals. The brochure contains illustrations of friendly characters as well as a link to the KidLinks website.


    We developed print materials for KidLinks to distribute in select children's hospitals.

    A collage of 25 of KidLinks album covers

    We worked with KidLinks to release dozens of songs and animated videos across a variety of third party platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and Google Play. We designed and illustrated these bright and inviting album covers.

Our Process

1-. Research

We interviewed a variety of key stakeholders to understand the product better: what is the purpose, how is it meaningful?

2.- Plan

We developed a collaborative workflow to foster creativity. We provided moodboards to spark discussion and captured and compiled insights from the team.

3.- Prototype & Test

We distilled the ideas into clear and simple prototypes and tested them with a broad group of users.

4.- Develop & Refine

With a clear understanding of KidLinks' brand and purpose, we developed their new website with hand-coded HTML and CSS. In the following months, we regularly refined our work based on feedback and insights gathered from data.