Our case management systems are designed to help your organization collect data, track outcomes and produce reports. Put the information you need in one place, while aligning your people with one purpose - achieving your mission

Underlying Principles

  • Streamlining Your Workflow We incorporate proven case management processes, tools and checklists. We'll work with you and your staff to craft a system that suits your workflow, rather than force your workflow into the system.
  • Doing the Math We design the system to capture, synthesize and report on the data you need to make strategic decisions. Imagine generating your annual report with just a single click!
  • Guiding Your Users We provide an intuitive interface with embedded user guidance to help new staff get up to speed quickly.
  • Integrating With Other Tools Information can be shared between systems (e.g. your CRM, Volunteers, Clients, etc.) to avoid duplication of data and minimize effort.

Flexibility is Key

We are currently helping achieve a wide variety of missions in the fields of: counseling, immigrants/newcomers, dispute resolution, young parents, women’s centers, foster children, seniors, etc.